Nate’s Breakfast Waffle Burger Recipe

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It’s been a long day, so comfort foods were definitely on the cards, and I caved it and created the mammoth of all comfort foods today. This could make one hefty breakfast, or you can have as a dinner like I did today. My burger is unlike other burgers because it doesn’t have bread nor […]


Nate’s Breakfast in the Hole Recipe

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Today I bring you the love child of two British classics ‘Toad in the hole’ and the ‘Full English’. It’s several years since I came up with this idea, which started as a venture to prove you make almost all foods better with bacon – because bacon is life right? And if you make too […]


Nate’s Super Tasty French Toast Recipe

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Who doesn’t love a bit of french bread, my recipe is quick and easy, enjoyed best with homemade bread but any thick slice bread will work nicely. So what ingredients do I need? Thick sliced bread (i’m using homemade cinnamon and coffee bread, recipe here) Egg Milk Caster Sugar Cinnamon Vanilla extract or vanilla syrup […]