Nate’s Breakfast Waffle Burger Recipe

It’s been a long day, so comfort foods were definitely on the cards, and I caved it and created the mammoth of all comfort foods today. This could make one hefty breakfast, or you can have as a dinner like I did today. My burger is unlike other burgers because it doesn’t have bread nor does it have beef! Instead we’re going to be cooking up some lovely sausage patties & pancetta incased in some delicious home made waffles! I will stop waffling now (i’m sorry).

Great I want a mammoth breakfast waffle burger of my own, what ingredients do I need?

The follow ingredients will make one breakfast waffle burger:

For the waffles

300ml milk
150g of flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1 tablespoon of caster sugar
1 egg
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
A sprinkling of salt and pepper

For the fillings
Sausage meat (mine were 200g each patty but you don’t need to be as fat as me)
A sprinkling of salt and pepper
6 rashers of pancetta
Vegetable oil for cooking


Great i’ve got those ingredients what do I need to do now?

To start with lets make our batter for the waffles, many people like to mix the wet ingredients with the egg separately from the other ingredients, and then mix those together.

But this really isn’t necessary, put all the ingredients together and mix well, make sure there are no pockets of flour, but don’t worry if the batter is a little uneven in texture because this tends to make better waffles.

I start by adding the milk, then the flour, then the baking powder and sugar, then I put the egg and salt & pepper before mixing well. This is a good time to put oil on your skillet and put on a high heat ready for cooking your patties later.

Now leave that to the side, take our your sausage meat and flour it slightly (especially if you’ve just defrosted it like I have). This will ensure that the patties aren’t sticky. Form them into squares trying to keep them roughly the size of the waffles (compare to the grills in your waffle maker).

Turn your skillet heat down to a medium heat and place the patties on the griddle, keep cooking for a couple of minutes and then flipping. Do this several times until the outside is a dark brown. Then add the pancetta to the pan, and cook everything for another 3 minutes. Once the pancetta is on the skillet pour your waffle mixture into your waffle maker and close the lid, cook this for 5 minutes.


Once done place the first patty on the first waffle, then top with the pancetta and mayonaise, then put the second patty on top and then top with the other waffle.

And that’s it you’re done, enjoy!


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