Nate’s Spain Inspired Turkey Pil Pil Recipe


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I haven’t done any recipes on the site which use Turkey, so wanted to change that today. I was trying to figure out the best thing to do with it, and decided as turkey is typically one of the dryer birds it would make sense to use a dish which keeps moisture in. So decided on trying turkey in a Pil Pil. And the result was pretty darn tasty!

What ingredients do I need?

The below ingredients are per person:

9-10 Turkey breast strips
7 table spoons of olive oil
4 birdseye chillies
A few shakes of garlic granules
A few shakes of ground parsley
A covering of the pan with chilli flakes
10 table spoons of lemon juice
1 table spoon of smoke paprika
1/2 table spoon of mild chilli powder

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Great i’ve got those ingredients what do I need to do?

Start by placing your rice into a saucepan of water and start heating at a medium heat. While that is cooking add the olive oil, birdseye chillies, chilli flakes and garlic granules and put on a low-medium heat.



After 2 minutes add the turkey and lemon juice.


Flip the turkey once the edges are showing white, and once all the turkey is white add the mild chilli powder and smoked paprika, and keep stirring.

Finish off with some ground parsley.

And that’s it we’re ready to serve!


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