Nate’s Tofu Spicy Curry Recipe

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Ok I’ve finally stopped going on vacations and am trying to get back to the blogging biz. Besides starting blogging my main requests have been budget meals, and meat free meals – so today I am creating a budget recipe which is also meat free and super tasty. It’s also good for Vegetarians and Vegans, […]


Nate’s Spicy Broccoli-Pesto Pasta Recipe

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So yesterday was a really simple yet tasty dish, so I figured I would do another really simple and tasty dish, but this time a meat free version so anyone can enjoy. There are many vegan options for pesto so it can also be a vegan friendly dish. This recipe has only 6 ingredients and […]


Nate’s Jalapeño Spicy Green Rice

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I’ve already had a roast this afternoon, which I did not have to cook! #winning. So I was thinking of what I could do for a light lunch, and because I have a rice addiction I automatically thought of rice. I then thought i’ve made orange and red rice but i’ve never seen green rice! […]


Nate’s Cinnamon & Coffee Bread Recipe

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I’ve never been a fan of shop bought bread, at least in the UK, other countries have nicer bread available. So I figured I’d make my own and see how it went, and put my own twist on it with coffee and cinnamon! What ingredients will I need? Oil Active Dry Yeast Lots of Bread […]