Nate’s Cinnamon & Coffee Bread Recipe


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I’ve never been a fan of shop bought bread, at least in the UK, other countries have nicer bread available.
So I figured I’d make my own and see how it went, and put my own twist on it with coffee and cinnamon!

What ingredients will I need?
Active Dry Yeast
Lots of Bread Flour (likely more than 1.5kg if making enough dough for 4 loafs like me)
Ground Coffee

Great what do I need to do?

Start by adding 4 cups of hot water to a large mixing bowl followed by half a cup of sugar, mix until most of the sugar is melted.

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Now add 4 table spoons of active dry yeast and a table spoon of salt, then we’re going to let it sit for 10 minutes, it should then look something like the second picture below.

Next add 4 table spoons of oil, i’m using groundnut (peanut) oil as I like the taste, sir and then add 1 cup of flour, keep adding one cup of flour and stir it in until we get a desired dough texture, this will likely take a little while. When it starts to become a sticky dough start adding flour and folding it in with your hands rather than a spoon.

Once you’ve got a dough which is mostly not sticky, flour a surface and place the dough on it, knead by pushing the dough towards you and pushing away with your palms. Every time you encounter a sticky part apply more flour.

Once done oil a bowl slightly and then put the dough inside, wrap in clingfilm or a tight plastic bag, and put a teatowel on top and leave to rise for an hour.

Now that the dough is risen push it in and mixing with our fingers until it goes back into a ball of dough

Now is a good time to grease your loaf tin. Text roll our the dough with a rolling pin, add a lot of cinnamon, ground coffee and sugar, then roll up, roll out again and do the same again. next roll into a ball and roll out again, fold in half and roll out again, put into a ball one last time, and roll out one more time, next we’re going to roll up but this time we want to push together the ends all around with each fold. One fully rolled squeeze together the ends and the seam and place the dough with the seam facing down into the tin. Text wrap up in clingfilm or plastic and place a teatowel on top again and leave for 15 minutes. To allow it to rise a bit within the tin.

Next place in the over at 200 degrees for 25-30 minutes


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