Nate’s Super Tasty French Toast Recipe


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Who doesn’t love a bit of french bread, my recipe is quick and easy, enjoyed best with homemade bread but any thick slice bread will work nicely.

So what ingredients do I need?

Thick sliced bread (i’m using homemade cinnamon and coffee bread, recipe here)
Caster Sugar
Vanilla extract or vanilla syrup (i’m actually using a Monin vanilla coffee syrup in mine)

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Great so what do I need to do?

If you’re using a homemade bread or uncut loaf, slice the bread into thick slices, then add an egg to a bowl, followed my several table spoons of milk. Add a good cinnamon of cinnamon and a table spoon of vanilla extract (or if you have vanilla coffee syrup use a table spoon of that as it’s nicer!). Then mix it all up.

Next place the bread in the mixture and then rotate the bread in the mixture, next add the bread to a frying pan of oil (enough oil to cover the pan but only a thin coating). Leave for a couple of minutes and then flip the bread and leave for another couple of minutes, and repeat a couple more times. Lastly plate and i’ve added some caster sugar and more cinnamon on top. I served with some pancetta for a great American style breakfast but it will go well with lots of different foods.


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