Nate’s Seared Lamb & Butter Champagne Scallops Recipe


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It’s spring (or at least it’s meant to be) so I really wanted to cook some lamb. Lamb and scallops aren’t seen together that often but they work really well together, especially in my seared lamb and butter champagne scallops recipe. I’m going to jump straight into the recipe now.

What ingredients do I need?

For the lamb
Lamb (i’m using lamb leg steak)

For the scallops

Scallops (i’m using roeless scallops)
Lemon juice

To serve with
Spring cabbage
Bread (i’m using my homemade chilli cheese bread, recipe here)

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Great i’ve got all those, what do I need to do?

Firstly get all your ingredients together, i’m using fresh rosemary
from the garden so need to go and get some.

Once you have your ingredients together, let’s start with the lamb – the lamb should be cooked for around 16 minutes depending on the size of the lamb you are using (the packaging of the lamb my recommend suitable cooking times for your lamb). You will want to start on a high heat, to seal both sides of the meat, once the first side is ready flip to the other side. The edges of the lamb should go a whitey-brown colour when it’s ready to flip. When you flip add your mint, rosemary, salt and pepper. Once both sides are sealed turn the heat to a medium heat.

Flip periodically while on a medium heat, and while you’re doing that lets cut the spring cabbage, do to this cut the stalk out, fold in half and then roll up and slice into long strips. Add this to a saucepan of boiling water and honey. Spring cabbage works really well with sweet flavours hence the honey, two generous squeezes of honey should do it, or if in a jar 2 table spoons should do it. Leave that to boil on a medium heat.

Now let’s make the sauce, start by pouring in a good amount of champagne (if you don’t pour enough it doesn’t matter we can adjust later), followed by a couple of table spoons of lemon, next add a good amount of butter (roughly 2 heaped table spoons) stir until you have a runny yellow sauce. Then add 1 heaped table spoon of flour to the sauce to thicken. If the sauce now goes solid then you need to add more champagne, otherwise you should now have a thick sauce. Keep stirring until any flour lumps are gone.


Now add your scallops to the frying pan with the lamb, it should take about 4 minutes to cook them (if they’re small like mine, if not you may need longer). Keep the pan on a medium heat and periodically turn the scallops so you don’t burn them, they should be done when both sides are golden brown.


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