Nate’s Chinese Style Crispy Seaweed Recipe


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Crispy seaweed is a great Chinese side, but what you may not know if that it’s not actually made from seaweed but in fact spring cabbage which can be bought relatively cheaply (I paid 80p from waitrose, so you can probably get it cheaper than that).

Great so what ingredients do I need?
Spring cabbage
Vegetable Oil
Fish stock cube

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Great i’ve got those what do I need to do?
First layout one spring cabbage leaf, cut the stalk out as this doesn’t make good seaweed,
next roll it up and then slice finely. One leaf will likely serve only one person so do this with more leafs depending on the amount of people you are serving, in my case 3.

Next add the slices spring cabbage into a sauce pan of boiling water, and boil for just a few minutes, take it out with a form or your utensil of choice and leave to cool. Next squeeze it tightly to remove excess water.


Next add in boiling oil and fry until crispy, and remove with a strainer or any other utensil which will separate the seaweed from the oil. Lastly traditionally you serve with ground fish powder and sugar on top, however this can only be bought in asian super markets. So my work around was to use a fish stock cube, which I used a pestle and mortar to break down. I then added sugar to it along with paprika and ground coriander (more to give colour than anything else). I then grounded the ingredients together and placed on top. It’s not as quite good as the ground fish but it’s pretty close! And that’s it go and enjoy!


Sorry but ad clicks keep the site going 🙁

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