Nate’s Kotlet Schabowy (Polish Pork Chop) Recipe


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Yesterday I finished looking after my friend Tomasz’s cat, and he gave me all the ingredients needed to make a Kotlet Schabowy which is one of my favourite Polish dishes.

What ingredients do you need?

Pork chops
Bread crumbs (i’m using actual polish ones, called bułka tarta which can be bought from the world foods section of your supermarket, but any breadcrumbs are fine).
Vegetable Oil
Mixed Herbs (i’m using thyme, marjoram, parsley, oregano, sage and basil – this is for the potatoes so use what you wish)
Red cabbage salad mix (i’m using a polish one again, Dawtona red cabbage and apple – you could make your own with vinegar red cabbage, sugar, salt and spices, but you’d it to sit for a long time to lock in those flavours.)

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Great i’ve got all those ingredients now, what do I need to do?

To start with you want to thin those pork chops, with a meat tenderiser keep hitting those bad boys! I find the best technique is to think of the person who’s annoyed you the most today (possibly your boss?) and pretend the pork chop is that person – you’ll have it thinned in no time trust me! I prefer to put the meat in a freezer bag for hygiene reasons just incase any pork juices go flying from the meat when you hit it. Repeat this process for how many pork chops you have, in my case 2.


Once your pork chops are thinned, get out two bowels, and crack an eggs into one of them and add a teaspoon of mustard, i’m using English mustard because i’m English! mix those together, then add a good amount of pepper and mix again. I’m not sure what is traditionally done here, but this method works well. In the other bowl put your bread crumbs.

Next get your potatoes out and start peeling the skins off them, then stick a fork in each one a few times to create some wholes, then put them in water and put them at a high heat. Add a good amount of salt and pepper, and add your mixed herbs.

While the potatoes are boiling, lets dunk those pork chops in the egg and mustard mixture, and then into the bread crumbs!

You know what we’re doing now right, lets put some oil and butter in a frying pan and whack the heat up to full for a while, then turn down to a medium heat and add those bad boys to the pan. Keep turning them every 1 or 2 minutes, you don’t wanna burn those bread crumbs!

Periodically fork the potatoes and keep cooking until softened, then put in a colander and shake until all the water is gone, your pork chops should be done at a similar time, use a food thermometer to check if you’re not sure. Then plate the pork chops and potato, and add your red cabbage salad mix, lastly salt and add button to your potatoes and enjoy!


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