Nate’s American Style Chicken Biscuits Recipe


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Whenever I go to America I always make sure I have a chicken biscuit as you just can’t get them from anywhere in the UK. And the great thing about American biscuits is you can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner so there are many opportunities to grab one! I was craving one today and figured i’d have a go at making one, and thankfully they turned out great so i’m sharing this with you guys now. If you’ve never been to the US, an American biscuit is a bit like a lighter, buttery savoury scone which works well with all kinds like sausage, bacon, fried chicken, egg and much more.

What ingredients do I need?

For the biscuits
Lard (I used a quarter of 250g block – this needs to be frozen so put in the freezer right away!)
Butter (I used a quarter of 250g block – this needs to be frozen so put in the freezer right away!)
Self rising flour (2 and a half cups)
8 table spoons worth of milk
6 table spoons of double creme
1 table spoon of lemon juice

For the chicken
Chicken breasts
Bread Crumbs

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I have those ingredients what do I need to do now?

If you haven’t already make sure the lard and butter are in the freezer, and preheat your oven at 250C.

When your butter and lard is frozen, grate a quarter of both 250g blocks, then add 2.5 cups of self rising flour, mix gently with a utensil (not your hands we don’t want to melt the butter into the flour). Once mixed put in the fridge (or freezer if you have space).

Next you’re going to want to mix 8 table spoons of milk and 6 table spoons of double cream with 1 table spoon of lemon – you could also use buttermilk for this. Pour the mixture in the bowel and firstly mix with a utensil and then your hands. Once you have a dough (this doesn’t take long) flour a surface and put the dough on it.

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Once you’ve done that roll it out, fold it in half, roll it out again and fold it in half, do this 5 or 6 times this will make the biscuits really light as it will create tiny layers. Once done make sure the dough is relatively thick and use a largeish biscuit cutter and cut out circles, don’t twist the cutter in simply press down hard and take out. Place the dough circles onto a greased baking tray, I always like to press a circle down in the centre of things which are going to rise without any support to ensure they rise without toppling. This is a good time to place oil in a wok and leave at a high heat to boil the oil.

We won’t place them in the oven just yet, next place your chicken breasts into a bowl of hot salt water, if the chicken breasts are thick cut them in half. While that soaks, place some breadcrumbs in a bowl, then add some flour and mix, then add more breadcrumbs and pepper and mix again. Take the chicken out one by one and place them in the bowl flip each chicken into the bowl making sure each chicken is entirely covered and then place in the oil in the wok. As soon as you start frying the chicken place the biscuits in the oven. Keep frying the chicken at a high heat and keep flipping until they’re a really nice golden brown on both sides.

The biscuits should cook in 10-12 minutes, and the chicken should take a similar amount of time if you want them nice and crispy, once done take the biscuits out of the over and place a small amount of butter on the top of each, which will melt very quickly. But the biscuits in half once they’ve cooled for a short while and place the chicken inside.


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