Nate’s Pancetta & Mozzarella Avocado Egg Recipe


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So i’m still cooking with a broken wrist, but i’m starting to get a bit more movement with it so i’m able to start going a bit more adventurous, i’m now able to cut soft things which is certainly a step forward. Today i’m essentially cooking a breakfast all inside an avocado!

This recipe like the rest of my broken wrist series can be cooked and eaten one handed, requires little washing up and is super easy!

What ingredients do I need?
The following ingredients will serve 1:

4-6 slices of pancetta
2 small eggs (i’m using legbar eggs for their smaller size and creaminess)
Grated mozerella
1 Avocado
A few shakes of ground parsely
A few shakes of chilli flakes

It’s really nice served with cured meats I served with beef cecina de leon.

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Great I have those ingredients what do I need to do?

To start with place your pancetta on a baking tray and put in the oven at 200C for 3-4 minutes, you don’t want it to do brown nor crisp just enough to cook it a bit. While it’s cooking slice the avocado in half. Take the seed out and scoop a little bit more out of the bit. (If you’re using medium sized eggs then you’ll need a larger pit than pictured below.

Take the pancetta out of the oven and rip into smaller pieces, lightly cover each half of the avocado with the grated mozzarella, then place the ripped pieces of pancetta around the edge. Then crack an into the centre of the pit, lastly put some more mozzarella on top.



Then oven for 10 minutes place at the bottom of the oven at 200C, after 10 minutes take out and sprinkle parsley and chilli flakes then enjoy!


Sorry but ad clicks keep the site going 🙁

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