Nate’s Coconut Lemongrass Prawn & Squid Recipe


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Before I start this recipe certainly has a kick to it, if you are not a fan of heat use quarter of a red pepper instead of the 4 birds eye chillies and the dish will be equally as delicious without the heat! So i’m still cooking with one hand due to a broken wrist, so this recipe doesn’t have much washing up, although it was a little more than my last three recipes as there is the blender to clean. I’ll get straight to the recipe now as that’s what you’re here for right?

What ingredients do I need?

These ingredients will serve two people:

200g of fresh small prawns
2 squid tubes
4 birds eye chillies
1 lemon grass stem
14-20 leaved stems of coriander
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
2 teaspoons of garlic granules
2 heaped teaspoons of turmeric powder
1 table spoon of sunflower oil
6 table spoons of coconut milk
Several baby spinach leaves.
A few shakes of ground mint
A few shakes of chilli flakes

Optional, this is great served with rice of long pasta (such ass spaghetti, linguine or tagliatelle)

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I have those ingredients, what do I need to do?

First put the lemongrass, birds eye chillies, half of the coriander, lemon juice, garlic granules, turmeric, oil and 3 table spoons of coconut milk into the blender and blend until smooth.



Next put the sauce into a saucepan at a medium heat and cook for a minute, then cut up the squid tubes into slices to create rings, and place those and the prawns into the sauce.



Keep stirring and then add the mint and chilli flakes, along with the remainder of your coriander leaves.

Add the spinach and keep stirring and cooking until the sauce isn’t runny and has the consistency of double cream.

Once done you’re ready to serve and eat, enjoy!



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