Nate’s Spicy Couscous and Fried Halloumi Recipe

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People like to stick to the same old boring lunches, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up right, that’s where my spicy couscous and fried halloumi comes in. So what ingredients do I need Couscous Chillies Chilli Flakes Chilli Powder Smokes Paprika Coriander Ground Coriander Leaf Halloumi Vegetable Oil Flour Egg Milk Great I’ve got […]


Nate’s Epic Mac & Cheese Recipe

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Macaroni and Cheese (largely known as Mac & Cheese) is one of my favourite dishes of all time and it’s so easy to make compared to other dishes, so i’m surprised I haven’t put this recipe up here sooner! I’m not sure of it’s origin but most sites seem to place it either either deriving […]