Nate’s Spicy Couscous and Fried Halloumi Recipe


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People like to stick to the same old boring lunches, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up right, that’s where my spicy couscous and fried halloumi comes in.

So what ingredients do I need
Chilli Flakes
Chilli Powder
Smokes Paprika
Coriander Ground
Coriander Leaf
Vegetable Oil

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Great I’ve got the ingredients, show me what to do!

First put the couscous in a pan, followed by some chilli flakes and powder, coriander ground and leaf and smoked paprika.
Then put water in and set the hob to a low heat and allow it to boil slowly.

While that’s going on put some oil on a frying pan and put on the hob at a medium heat, and put an egg in a mixing bowl and mix it until the yolk and whites are one.

Next add an equal amount of milk to the egg content and mix, next chop up our chillies.

Add the chillies to the couscous pan

Add flour and smoked paprika to the egg and milk mix, and stir until no flour pockets. Slice the halloumi cheese

Put the cheese in the mixture and turn so both sides are covered, the put in the oil in the frying pan.

Once both sides of the halloumi are brown your couscous should look like this, put it in a bowl and then top it with the halloumi and you’re done hurray!


Sorry but ad clicks keep the site going 🙁

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