Nate’s Epic Mac & Cheese Recipe


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Macaroni and Cheese (largely known as Mac & Cheese) is one of my favourite dishes of all time and it’s so easy to make compared to other dishes, so i’m surprised I haven’t put this recipe up here sooner! I’m not sure of it’s origin but most sites seem to place it either either deriving from Italy or Britain, so i’ve categorised it in both – but who really cares we just want to make it and eat it right?

I’ve been making my version of Mac & Cheese longer than I have any other dish on this website, and if I do say so myself this is the most epic mac & cheese you can make!

So what ingredients do I need?

Some form of pasta tubes (i’m using Amori)
Grated mature cheddar cheese
Grated mozzarella cheese
Mild Chilli Powder
Black Pepper or other ground peppercorns
Salted Crisps
Fresh Chive (optional)

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Great i’ve got all those ingredients what do I need to do?

To start with put your pasta in water in a saucepan and put on a low heat, then in a bigger saucepan put some butter.
Make sure you use a tube pasta, because other shapes aren’t meant for this kind of sauce and will go soft. I’m using Amori which is my favorite type to use for this dish.

Next add some flour and stir unless mixed making sure there are no flour pockets,
then add a small amount of milk and mix again.

Next add a bit more milk and mix again, and then add a decent amount of ground black pepper or other ground peppercorns, then add paprika and mild chilli powder to the mix.


Now mix all that up, and then add some grated mozzarella and mix again

Next add some grated mature cheddar cheese and mix again followed by some milk

Mix again, your pasta should be ready now as you want to keep it still relatively firm as it will be recooked when baked, strain the pasta and add to your pasta cooking dish.

Now add the sauce on top of the pasta and heat some some oil in a small frying ready to cook our pancetta!

Add the pancetta to the frying pan, and while that cooks take out a freezer bag and rolling pin and your salted crips, put the crips in the bag, seal it and crush them into tiny pieces – isn’t that fun!


Apply the crushed crisps evenly around the sauce on the pasta, the pancetta should be ready take these out the pan (remember you don’t want it too crispy as it’s going to be at the top of the dish so it going to get plenty more heat! Leave it to cool for a bit and them cut up and scatter around the top.

Now we’re ready for the oven, place in the oven at 200 for around 20-25 minutes, check on it periodically!
Once cooked mix up before serving and finish by topping the dish with paprika and fresh chive choppings.



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