Nate’s Tasty Seafood Orzo Recipe

It’s been a while again since I blogged, but I was away in the Netherlands and then i’ve been so chaotic with catching up with work so only had enough time to cook but not blog.

But now i’m back at it at last, this seafood orzo is a nice and quick meal which tastes really good too.

What ingredients do I need?

Approx 70g of dry orzo pasta per person
Approx 150g of mixed king prawn, squid and mussles per person
1 table spoon of cooking oil
1 table spoon of lemon juice
1 small chilli
1 teaspoon of onion granules
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
2 teaspoons of paprika
1 teaspoon of cumin
1 spring onion for garnish (optional)
1 heaped tea spoon of flour
Salt and pepper

Great i’ve got these ingredients, what do I need to do?

Start buy adding oil and your seafood to a pan on a medium high heat, when the prawns are pink on one side add 1/4 cup of water, salt & pepper and the lemon juice



After several minutes start to add the spices and the mix it all together, this is a good time to put your Orzo in a saucepan of water and start cooking that on a medium high heat as well.



Next chop up the chilli and add this, and then add a heaped tea spoon of flour. Scatter this evenly and then mix together to thicken the sauce without lumps.

Once the Orzo is soft and enlarged, strain it and everything else should be ready to serve. Chop a spring onion to go on top and sprinkle a bit more paprika to serve, and lastly enjoy!


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