Nate’s Sea Bream & Chorizo Tagliatelle Recipe

It’s hump day so it’s always that part of the week where I want something relatively easy to make, but more importantly still tasting great. This recipe is super tasty and not time consuming at all! The spices from the chorizo go so nicely with fish in this pasta dish. I’ll get straight to the recipe now!

What ingredients do I need?

For the sauce:

6 table spoons of milk
1 table spoon of grated cheddar
1 table spoon of grated mozzarella
1 table spoon of ground parsely
2 teaspoons of chilli flakes
1 tea spoon of salted butter
1 table spoon of flour

For everything else:
1 sea bream per person
3 balls of tagliatelle pasta per person
3 table spoons of diced chorizo per person


I’ve got those ingredients what do I need to do?

Firstly let’s make the sauce, in a mixing bowl place all of the ingredients for the sauce, it will be lumpy at this point and that’s fine!



Next up place the pasta balls in a saucepan of water and place the sea bream on a griddle both on a medium-high heat.

Flip the fish with a spatula after 3-4 minutes (usually around the time the pasta balls start to soften and separate a bit), cook for another 3-4 minutes and repeat twice more. By this point the pasta should be cooked so strain this, next pour the sauce over the pasta and stir periodically.


Now continue to cook the fish at a low heat and add your chopped chorizo to the griddle as well, cook for 2 minutes. Now put the chorizo into the saucepan with the pasta and stir it in.

Lastly cut up the fish into pieces and place in the same saucepan and stir that in as well.


And that’s it we’re done, enjoy!




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