Nate’s Cheese & Garlic Chicken Bake Recipe


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I had the idea of using rice in a chicken bake, in the hope it would absorb the chicken stock flavours, I was expecting it to taste good, but I wasn’t expecting it to taste this good! This dish has similarities to both a chicken crumble and a chicken pasta bake, in some ways while being completely different in others. In definitely going to be experimenting with this idea in future recipes!

I’m sold, what ingredients do I need?

1 cup of rice (uncooked)
250g of diced chicken
450ml of chicken stock
1/2 table spoon of garlic powder
A sprinkling of salt & pepper
A sprinkling of ground parsley
1/2 cup of grated cheddar (plus a small handful to place on the top)
5 table spoons of breadcrumbs

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Great i’ve got those ingredients, what do I need to do?

Firstly add the rice, chicken broth, salt & pepper, garlic powder, cheese and chicken to your baking dish and then mix well.


Next put in the oven for 35-40 minutes at 250C, after this time take it out, put some more cheese on top, add the breadcrumbs and then the ground parsley and then place back in the oven for another 7-10 minutes.


After this you’re ready to serve, enjoy!


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