Nate’s Sweet and Spicy Chicken Recipe


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What ingredients you will need:

Chicken (ideally breast)
Vegetable oil (any type)
Ground Ginger
Mild Chilli Powder
Chilli Flakes
Chili Oil
Fresh chive (optional)

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What you need to do..

In a mixing bowl add an egg and milk and some (roughly the same amount of milk as the egg) per person serving for.

And then add some paprika and mix.

Cut chicken in a diced format (quantity once again to your liking and amount of people serving)

Once the batter mixture is fully mixed and then put chicken in the mixture and mix again, leave it to soak for while.

In the mean time put a large amount of oil in a wok and start warming. 

Chop chillies and veg (in this case I used broccoli as always goes well with asian style dishes and absorbs the flavour.

Add flour to the chicken and batter mixture and stir until you no longer see any flour – make sure there are no flour pockets.

At this point I would put the rice in water and start boiling at a low heat.

For the sauce I used a tea spoon of chilli oil, a good few shakes of mild chilli powder, a good few shakes of paprika, a good few shakes of ginger and a good few shakes of chilli flakes – that’s the hot side, then for the sweet side I used a mixture of sugar and honey roughly 60g of sugar and 85g of honey. once mixed the sauce will be relatively runny and thats fine, then you will want to add a small shake of flour, when heated the honey and sugar will thicken the sauce anyway, but the flour will make the sauce less ‘syrupy’. Lastly add half a cup of boiling water – and mix together – once fully mixed (remember not to leave any pockets of flour) add the mixture to a sauce pan and boil at a low heat and stir every now and then so it doesn’t burn on the sides.

Next add the chicken in mixture to the oil, you need to be careful with this, do it one at a time and don’t drop them in put them in gently, make sure you leave a decent amount of room between them as the batter will expand when places in the oil, to form your typical chicken balls. once it starts to look like a pale chicken ball flip it, and keep flipping every minute or so until golden brown. Once done take out one by one and place on a tray to dry.

Once all done remove most of the oil but leave some as this will improve the sauce, add the sauce into the wok now and mix with the small amount of oil for a while until the chicken balls are cool to touch, then add the chicken balls and veg into the sauce and stir – once the veg are cooked how you like them it should be done.

drain the rice, and then add the rice on a plate, then add the sweet and spicy chicken on top.

I finished mine off with some fresh chopped chives for that finished touch.

And we’re done, let’s eat!


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