Nate’s Crispy Breaded Pork with Asian Inspired Sauce Recipe

It’s food time again and boy do I have a tasty recipe for you today! This recipe will require a bit more washing up then my last several recipes, but trust me it’s worth it!

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What ingredients do I need?

The below ingredients will serve 2:

For the pork:
200g – 250g of pork stir fry strips
4 heaped table spoons of flour
1/2 teaspoon of ground peppercorns
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 egg
8 heaped table spoons of breadcrumbs
6 table spoons of cooking oil.

For the sauce:
4-5 table spoons of tomato ketchup
2 teaspoon of garlic granules
2 teaspoons of ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon of chilli powder
2 teaspoons of ground ginger
3 table spoons of dark soy sauce
2 table spoons of vinegar

500-600g of rice noodles
Fresh chive (optional)

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Great I have those ingredients, what do I need to do?

To start with take out three bowls, place the flour, salt and pepper in one, crack an egg in another and place the breadcrumbs in the third. Whisk the egg in the second bowl and mix the flour, salt and pepper in the first bowl.


Next up take our your pork strips and place a few of them into the flour and get a full covering on each, then one by one cover in the egg and finally in the breadcrumbs. Once done transfer each to your wok.


Once all of them are done add 3 table spoons of cooking oil to the wok, make sure the oil covers the whole wok area and then place it on a medium high heat, leave without moving them for 2 minutes, flip and cook for another 2 minutes (add the over 3 table spoons of cooking oil now) and the continuously stir them while cooking for another 6-8 minutes. When they’re done transfer to a baking tray and leave in the oven at a low temperature to keep them warm.

Next add the rice noodles to the pan, there should be enough oil left from the pork to cook it. Put on a high heat and cook for 5-6 minutes. Periodically stir to make sure they don’t burn nor stick. While doing this you can make you sauce by adding all of the sauce ingredients to a bowl and stir until full mixed.



Once the noodles are cooked add to your bowl, place the breaded crispy pork on top and drizzle the sauce on top of that with a spoon. Optionally add some chopped fresh chive on top to garnish and you’re done!


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