Nate’s Carne Asada (Mexican Steak) Recipe


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Friday is just around the corner which means it’s nearly the weekend, that in itself requires celebrating, what better way to do that then with steak? My recipe is a bit different to an authentic carne asada but it’s really good.

What ingredients do I need?

The ingreidents are per person, although you could get away with using the marinade on two steaks:

2 jalapeños
6 tea spoons of corriander leaf
A handful of spinach leaves
3 table spoons lemon juice
½ cup orange juice
2 table spoons garlic powder
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon black pepper
¼ cup olive oil
2 tablespoons white vinegar
1 stirloin steak
1 table spoon cooking oil
1/2 cup of rice
1 table spoon of onion granules

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Great! i’ve got those ingredients, what now?

Lets start with our marinade as we will want to leave the steak to marinade for at least 2 hours, start by adding two 2 jalapeños and 1/2 a cup of water to a blender and blend until fully blended. Then add the spinach and coriander leaf and blend again. Then pour half of that green liquid into a resealable bag (the other half we will use for the rice).


Now add the lemon juice, orange juice, garlic powder, salt & pepper, olive oil and white vinegar:

Now add the steak and leave and squish it with your fingers to ensure it’s well covered in the marinade,
and then leave for at least 2 hours.


After two hours put your rice in a saucepan of water and start to boil.

When the rice starts to soften put the cooking oil on a griddle and put on a high heat, and pour the remaining jalapeño mixture into the rice saucepan. Mix and then add the onion granules and mix again.


After 3-4 minutes of the griddle being on a high heat, add the steak – put it on there slowly and carefully. Cook for 1 minute, then flip cook for another minute. Lastly lift to cook the edges each for 1 minute. Then leave on a plate to rest for a few minutes. At this point your rice should be done, so you can stain any remaining liquid and then get it ready for serving.


After the steak has rested you ready to serve that and enjoy!


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